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Council-wide Plans

Neighbourhood Plan

Presenting the council's neighbourhood plan status and documents.


Following the adoption by Hart District Council of its Local Plan in 2020 it was agreed that Winchfield’s Neighbourhood Plan should be reviewed and updated for the period 2022 – 2037. Our updated Neighbourhood Plan has been produced by local volunteers, with the support of and on behalf of the Parish Council, setting out the vision, objectives and policies by which the Parish will manage future sustainable development.

Hart District Council will use the Winchfield Neighbourhood Plan policies to assess all planning applications within the Parish in addition to the Hart Local Plan policies.

The Winchfield Neighbourhood Plan 2022-2037

Hart District Council formally made the Winchfield Neighbourhood Plan at a Council meeting on 25th January 2024. The Decision Statement and the Neighbourhood Plan Policy documents are below.

Decision Statement on making the Winchfield Neighbourhood Plan

Winchfield Neighbourhood Plan

Appendix A1 Landscape Character Assessment

Appendix A2 Winchfield’s Key Views

The Evidence Base – a compendium of baseline studies and additional information about the parish

More Resources

Neighbourhood Plan Background

Steering Group Meetings

Working Group Meetings

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